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Alexia Coley

Alexia Coley’s background as a big band jazz singer and then as lead singer for West London crew The Rotten Hill Gang prepared her for the big stage, but when she played at Big Chill Festival on the huge Revellers stage, she started to become widely known for her solo work.

Her songs are timeless but still relate to kids growing up right now and she can just as often be found sandwiched between a rapper and a DJ on the bill as a line-up of jazz players at Ronnie Scotts.


Her writing style has been naturally perfected in a way that it seems obvious that there is show business in the blood - her late mother Ethel Coley having been a famous stage performer in her day. Her singles Keep the Faith, Beautiful Waste Of Time and Drive Me Wild received national airplay on BBC 6 Music, BBC London and BBC Radio 2 and delighted fans with their limited edition 7” vinyl releases.


Her debut album Keep The Faith was released in October 2014 to critical acclaim. Drive me wild, Keep the faith, Beautiful waste of time.

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