We like to think we punch above our weight as a boutique publisher when it comes to sync licensing. Over the years we've had some stellar placements for our writers and artists across the globe. Controlling both sides of the copyright means having a real advantage in synchronisation licensing and we've made the most of that and have placed music on many films, TV shows and adverts worldwide for blue chip brands to cool independent directors.


Skeewiff - Coming Home Baby

/ Money Supermarket UK TV Ad Campaign

Delighted with this one. An all female cast for Money Supermarket UK TV Advert for their Money Super Seven new campaign featuring a Skeewiff absolute classic tune. Big thanks to Sync Republic and Leyland Music Ltd for placing this one for us.

Xfinity Ad - Smoove and Turrell

/ Hard Work. 

Smoove & Turrell’s Hard Work has recently featured on a USA TV Ad for Xfinity. Thanks to Siren in the UK for finding this classic tune for their client. 


IAMS Ad - The Allergies

/ Let Them Know (feat. The Cuban Brothers)

The Allergies single Let Them Know (feat. The Cuban Brothers) recently scored on a USA IAMS Dog Food online advert in the summer of 2020. Everyone wants to see a dog doing The Conga, right?

Queen Sugar TV Show - Gizelle Smith

/ Love Song

Delighted with this sync for Jalapeno Records and Publishing's artist Gizelle Smith on this racially progressive show together with almost a full cast of black actors. We love this scene - a perfect sync for the soulful Love Song.


BT Sports Trailer - Kraak & Smaak

/Squeeze Me (feat. Ben Westbeech)

Thanks to to the great team at BT Sports for using Kraak & Smaak's - Squeeze Me for their weekend picks trailer.


The Allergies - Since You've Been Gone

/ Lipton Ice Tea Global TV Ad

Were also sharing the sunshine with this fantastic sync for The Allergies with Since You've Been Gone on a global year long TV and online Ad campaign for Lipton's Ice Tea.


The Allergies - I’m on It

/ ITV promo campaign

I'm on It (feat. Dr Syntax & Skunkadelic) by The Allergies brings in the 2021 New Year in style on an ITV New Year promotion video on heavy rotation across the channels...


Sky Q's Ad Campaign - The Allergies

/Rock Rock (feat. Andy Cooper)

Sky TV was rock rockin' all last year with an extensive advertising campaign across all of Sky’s platforms using The Allergies' brilliant Rock Rock (feat. Andy Cooper)


Everybody Water - Moods

/ Unfold

We love syncing for such good causes. This amazing brand chose Moods - Unfold for their online launch campaign. Their mission is to sell water to keep us hydrated, whilst bringing clean water systems to people around the world, allowing women to earn an income, girls to go to school, and families to thrive.

Orange TV Ad -Ephemerals / Kungs

/ I Feel So Bad (feat ephemerals)

A Frech Orange Mobile TV and cinema campaign synced with Kung’s - I Feel So Bad – a European summer 2018 hit featuring a big fat sample of ephemerals

Rockshore Lager Campaign - The Allergies

/ Rock Rock (feat. Andy Cooper)

Could you get a more appropriate sync!? A match made in heaven for this cool Irish lager brand, Rockshore and The Allergies Rock Rock (feat. Andy Cooper) appearing on a series of online videos and Irish TV ads.

Barker & Stonehouse Ad - Smoove & Turrell

/ I Can't Give You Up

Independent Newcastle Furniture Store Barker and Stonehouse chose local for their 2019 A/W TV and online ad.

Google Campaign - Ambassadeurs

/ Second Thought

Lost Tribe is one of Jalapeno Sub labels curated by prolific Ambassadeurs producer, Mark Dobson. Beautiful creative from Google here that goes so well with Mark’s stylish electronic sound.

Vogue - Smoove & Turrell

/ Beggarman

The best syncs are always the ones that are quite random. John Turrell's soulful vocal and gritty northern comentary suits Vanessa Axente rollerskating around a café to show off the seasons best jeans from Vogue

NCIS LA - The Allergies

/ Every Trick in the Book

Very happy to hear The Allergies  - Every Trick in the Book, published by Jalapeno Music Publishing in the background  and along side the dulcit tones of Vinnie Jones in NCIS LA Episode 6 series 11


Lucky Ladies - Smoove & Turrell

/ Beggarman

We love this Latin promo spot for the extremely popular Fox Life South American TV show. One stop for Jalapeno's Smoove & Turrell and their classic track - Beggarman.


Rust Oleum TV Ad - Smoove & Turrell

/ Hard Work

We're delighted at Jalapeno Music Publishing to see Smooth and Turrell's Hard Work being used on a TV Ad for Rust Oleum Paint.


The Flash - Kraak & Smaak

/ Money in the Bag

Delighted to see Kraak & Smaak's iconic hit Money in the Bag on DC Comics hugely popular series The Flash - episode 1, series 3.


So You Think You Can Dance - Kraak & Smaak

/Squeeze Me (feat. Ben Westbeech)

Check out Samuel Sweetser's B-Boy, foot & knee up his T moves in his So You Think You Can Dance audition dancing along to Ben Westbeech's soulful vocals on Kraak & Smaak's Squeeze Me. All we say here is he should've won.


Sky Sports - The Allergies

/ Blast Off (feat. Andy Cooper)

Hip Hop Beats and Golf  - who'd have thought - but we just love this music placement for The Allergies Blast Off from Sky Sports

Salad Mixe - Smoove & Turrell

/ Beggarman

Mon Dieu - Feel the Crunch! From our French Sub publishers Alter K

Nike TV Ad - Skeewiff

/ Skeewiff V's Fat Les

This is a classic sync from the Vaults. Jalapeno Records shoots and scores with label stalwarts - Skeewiff on a classic world cup Nike ad.

Queen Sugar - Smoove & Turrell

/ In Deep

We love Queen Sugar, the TV show premiered on Oprah Winfrey's Network and made by Warner Bros. Hear the soulful In Deep in the background from Smoove & Turrell, featured on Series 4 Episode 13.



So You Think You Can Dance - Kraak & Smaak

/Squeeze Me (feat. Ben Westbeech)

Check out Samuel Sweetser's B-Boy, foot & knee up his T moves in his So You Think You Can Dance audition dancing along to Ben Westbeech's soulful vocals on Kraak & Smaak's Squeeze Me. All we say here is he should've won.