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The Allergies


Since forming in 2012 The Allergies have made it their mission to reshape funky vintage sounds for the modern dancefloor. 

Both skilled turntablists in their own right, and known for their 45-only vinyl sets, the duo of DJ Moneyshot & Rackabeat first bonded over their love of classic hip-hop and beats, then decided to pool their knowledge and skills into making their own music.

“We like breaks, funky basslines, horns, and dancefloor grooves. We’re inspired by the golden eras of funk, soul, disco and hip-hop, and we try and cram that into three and a half minutes!”

Along the way they’ve racked up two ‘Tune of the Month’ awards in Mixmag, topped download charts, and are now second week running on the A list at 6 Music with their latest release Felony. 

Through out their 4 album career Ugly Duckling frontman Andy Cooper has been a Jalapeno Publishing signed co-writer and performer on many of the album tracks in a fruitful relationship which has seen the LA resident touring regularly with The Allergies and add some lyrical science to their music. 

Rock Rock  - an Allergies feat Andy Cooper Classic tune – has seen phenomenal sync success  including a year long Sky UK TV campaign.  

The new album Say The Word promises to be their best yet, and at this rate could do some serious damage in the charts, as well as hearts and minds. 

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